About Us

Our shoes take you back to the time when shoes, like most things, were made by people who mastered the subtleties of their craft. Our first pair was made more than 80 years ago. And today, in the very same factory in the heartland of Europe, the magic of crafting shoes still continues. It still takes one hour— from start to finish—to create each pair of shoes, using only traditional techniques and vintage, manually operated equipment. A craftsperson who takes great pride in his or her work made this shoe for you. So, when you get your new pair of shoes, hold them in your hands and look at them closely. You will notice that they display the subtle nuances of a product that was touched by human hands.

Startas sneakers were created in 1976, and were originally designed for table tennis. The canvas, low cut and high top sneakers with vulcanised rubber soles are made from natural materials. We proudly present Startas, models inspired by tradition and culture.

Handcrafted with love in Vukovar, Croatia